Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Chief Edit-Reassemble-Edit (Conjecture Post)

This post was prompted by blog reader J Lee's comment left on the 'Date to Edit' post -

"There's also an out-of-sequence scene in an earlier 1938 Willard Bowsky Popeye cartoon, "Big Chief Ugh-Amugh-Ugh", where the segments with the fire starting and the bow shooting and split in two, with the Indians' actions in the middle of the cartoon and Popeye's reactions moved to after he eats his Spinach at the end. Both gags can be merged together into a pair of seamless scenes."

After reading J Lee's comment I decided to edit and reassemble the scenes of animation cited in his comment. It started to look like a different cartoon had been originally planned and on a hunch I edited the rest of the cartoon to work around the reassembled scenes of animation, taking an educated guess at what the scene order may have been. (I'm assuming it was originally planned without the edits and I'm also assuming that there was no extra story material cut)

I always felt the screen direction of 'Big Chief Ugh-Amugh-Ugh' was awkward and after starting to edit I realized the scenes could be shifted to clean it up. It all seems to fit together well (apart from the post synched dialogue) but makes a less exciting cartoon.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Date to Edit

Below are two clips from the 1938 Popeye cartoon 'A Date to Skate' - the first one directly clipped from the cartoon and the second one edited. Note in the first clip that Popeye starts to reach for his spinach and as he does the film cuts to Olive being pulling by a fire truck. For years I felt it was an odd bit of animation because Popeye appeared to be frozen in time until we rejoin him one cut later. On return to Popeye he resumes the action of reaching into his shirt.

On a hunch (and inspired by similar work done by fellow animator R.A. MacNeil) I cut out the Olive scene and joined the two Popeye sections - they flow seamlessly from one into the other. Strong evidence that it was originally shot as one scene...