Monday, September 3, 2012

New Set of Tyers

(I couldn't resist using that pun)

I recently read this post at the IAD forum. In both cartoons listed there - 'Nicky Nome Rides Again' (1938) and 'One Bad Knight', I found animation by Popeye animator/de facto director Jim Tyer. Not the style usually associated with him - but a subdued version of what would later become his trademark style. (The spacing to the first clip is unusually big - blogger wouldn't allow the clip to play with smaller spacing)

I have no idea when 'One Bad Knight' was produced and released - my guess is probably after 1939. This cartoon has drawing licks and animation closest to the style that is most recognizable to his work at the Famous Studio.

The king looks like a Tyer design.

More examples of expressions and timing typical of Tyer's animation.