Friday, June 27, 2008

More Abner Knietel

It's been awhile since the teaser I posted on April 19th. So without further delay -

As with many of the Popeye animators, Abner Kneitel is a mystery to me. I do know that he was a cousin to Seymour Kneitel and according to whatever records I could find, spent his early years at the Fleischer Studio working in Seymour's crew. I have a feeling he was animating on Popeye from the beginning but cannot verify that fact nor can I identify his work from that period. (I'm working on it though)

After Seymour Knietel suffered a heart attack it looks like his crew was inherited by William Henning, who defacto directed a few cartoons before returning to the position of animator. After Henning's directorial stint the crew seems to have been disbanded with the animators assigned to other crews until Seymour's return. At that time it looks as though Abner Kneitel became a utility animator for the studio (much like George Germanetti), being shifted from crew to crew as needed. I don't know that for a fact - it's speculation based on credits and observation.

Shortly after the changeover of the Fleischer to the Famous Studio his name disappeared from the credits. Anybody know what happened to him??

Goonland - 1938

Customers Wanted -1939

Stealin Ain't Honest - 1940

Baby Wants a Bottleship -1942

Alona on the Sarong Seas -1942

A Hull of a Mess -1942

Spinach Fer Britain - 1943

Seein' Red White 'n' Blue - 1943

Too Weak To Work - 1943

Happy Birthdaze - 1943

The Marry-Go-Round - 1943


Mr. Semaj said...

A lot of what went on during the Fleischers and Famous years remains as some of the biggest mysteries in animation history.

Also, notice how they went from animating five-fingered characters to four fingers.

Paul said...

I was wondering if you could help me with more information about Abner since I have a sketch from him. My Grandfater was a doctor and Abner was a patient of his. I have a pencil sketch of Popeye signed by Abner dated 12/3/1935, with a personal thank you written on the 8x10 picture. I would never sell it, and I want to get insured, is there anyway to evaluate the value of such a thing, so I know how much insurance to carry? Thanks.

Bob Jaques said...

Hi Paul,
Would you be able to email me a copy of the drawing?? You can do so through the Carbunkle Cartoons link at the upper right hand corner of the blog page. I will get back to you about the value - please leave a email address for further contact. Thanks.