Sunday, December 7, 2008

Popeye Pencil Test over at CB

Over at Cartoon Brew you can see a pencil test out take from 'Lumberjack and Jill' from a scene animated by the amazing John Gentilella.


Mitchel Kennedy said...

Is Popeye's pipe supposed to pop up like that, or was that just something missed in the new inbetweens?

Really cool stuff! I love the slam Olive gives 'im!

Bob Jaques said...
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Bob Jaques said...

The pipe is missing from a lot of the animation and I suspect that it would have been added (when the scene was originally animated) after the inbetweening was completed because of the overlapping action. There was probably no animation instruction for the pipe so it was left out when the new IB's were done. That's my guess.