Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Martin Taras Reel

Below is a QT with some Taras animation from Mess Production, Rodeo Romeo, and Snow Place Like Home. Even though I'm not sure he did all the exterior scenes of the whale I have included them for continuity sake.

More on him later.

And in a moment of spontaneous self-promotion - here's a cartoon I animation directed for multi-talented creator and director Chris Reccardi as part of the stillborn Cartoonstitute shorts program at Cartoon Network.


Thad said...

I loved both of these. Nothing funnier than a stoned Popeye and Bluto, says I.

I hope that short wasn't intended as any kind of a series. Chris was always great with "sad endings." I like the idea of that dork being stuck with those retards for life - and that's it.

Rick Roberts said...

I like the arangement of Popeye clips, especially with the trippin' out Bluto.

As for the short, I liked it alot. Amazing work by you and Chris.

Michael Sporn said...

Great work by everyone on the short. Very funny and creative animation. The design was first rate, too.

p spector said...

Just noticed the change in the descriptive subtitle of the blog, although I will miss the "In service to..."
BTW, your reel ain't to shabby either.

Kevin Langley said...

Bluto's head turned into Huey's Mom in Quack-A-Doodle Doo.

I enjoyed the short too, nice animation. Especially when considering the stuff they're putting on CN these days. Shame they're not going through with the shorts program.

R.A. MacNeil said...

I saw this short when they first were on youtube. It's beautifully animated. Is it done with Flash?

Bob Jaques said...

Yes - it was done in Flash. Chris worked closely with the animators to try to get a more traditional 2D look to the animation.