Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jack Ozark's Sports Cartoons

Many Golden Age animators moonlighted during their off hours doing comics and freelance cartooning. Jack Ozark was no exception. He had a passion for sports cartooning that started while in grade school drawing for 'The Criterion' - Patterson (New Jersey) Eastside High School's monthly magazine. Jack used samples of those sports cartoon to secure a job at the Fleischer Studio in 1932. (more on that later) Following is a small sample of the vast amount of cartoons that he did during his lifetime.

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Excerpt from a home movie shot of Jack Ozark and his showing at Filmation.
(Big thanks to Jack's daughter Ellen for supplying the material used in this post)

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p spector said...

Wow, these last two posts are great!
Re Ozark, I love seeing work by these artists that are different as compared to their "cartoony" style that I'm so used to.