Monday, February 21, 2011

Bowsky Gag Drawing

For ages I have been trying to definitively tack down Willard Bowsky's Popeye animation. It's a tough call and I refrain from doing so in many cases because the earmarks of his drawing and animation are not as evident as other animators I am able to ID. It's partially because, as head animator/de facto director, the amount of animation he would be able to do in any particular cartoon would be minimal at best and at times none at all.

Below is a gag cartoon (a copy of a copy of the original) drawn and signed by Bowsky and published in the Fleischer Studio's Flipper Club Annual of 1939. I love finding a drawing like this - it provides great clues to cracking his animation style.

(click on image to enlarge)

Note on the right hand side of the drawing is Alice the Goon - who never appeared in any of the animated shorts produced by the Fleischers. It makes me wonder if there was another Goon cartoon in the works starring Alice.

BTW - readers interested in the Famous Studio cartoons should check out Thad's blog - highlighting a gorgeous copy of the Blackie cartoon 'Much Ado About Mutton'. I left some comments that may prove interesting to Famous Studio fans.


The Crazy HR said...

Thanks for those comments! It's too bad how Bowsky's career in animation ended.

Unknown said...

Isn't 1939 kind of early for Popeye's nephews?

Bob Jaques said...

No - the drawing was published in December of 1939. The cartoons had a 6 month production schedule. The first nephews cartoon was released in June of 1940 so that would be approximately in sync with the release date.

Extravaganza of Cartoons said...

Great blog!