Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Book Behind the Cartoon??

Every so often I see this book pop up on ebay. It was strangely familiar - then I made the connection. An altered version of it was used in 'Adventures of Popeye' - the first, to my knowledge, 'cheater' cartoon made up of clips from older Popeye cartoons. Could this book have been the inspiration for making that cartoon??

Adventures of Popeye (1935)


JohnDoe123 said...

I hadn't seen that one before. Love the dubbing on the live action footage!

Shazamaholic said...

If I remember my "Comic Book Price Guide" correctly, this was the very first Popeye comic book ever published. It contained reprints of the newspaper strip - - no original material.

The Crazy HR said...

If the book really did contain the older comics, then the cartoon was probably based on it.

Looks like Kneitel animated everything new here. There's no Crandall or Henning.