Sunday, August 19, 2012

One Plus One = One

Remember this post??
I received this message from a relative of Abner Knietel:

Hi. My name is Karen and Abner Matthews Kneitel was my great uncle. He was married to my grandmother's sister Virginia Kneitel (ne Hodge). My grandmother had always said the Abner went by Abner Matthews since Seymour Kneitel (his relative) was already credited and he didn't want to use the same last name. So Abner Matthews is Abner Kneitel. Another tidbit, Virginia used to help out with the cartoons for fun. She was never credited, but she did work on them as well. As his daughter Betty had indicated, Abner was quite a drinker from what I was told.

Virginia Hodge worked at the Fleischer Miami Studio in the ink and paint department.


Christopher Sobieniak said...

It's nice what the internet does to bring these people together!

The Crazy HR said...

Well, nice to see this has been solved once and for all.
That Wikipedia guy was right after all. Haha

Bob Jaques said...

'The Crazy HR said...
That Wikipedia guy was right after all. Haha'

Huh?? What??

The Crazy HR said...

Don't you remember the fake credits at Wikipedia? The guy who wrote all that really had a "thing" for Abner Kneitel and claimed (with many proofs, of course) that A. Kneitel = A. Matthews.

That's what I meant.

Bob Jaques said...

I don't recall seeing that - I must have been blinded by all the inaccuracies elsewhere on the page.