Thursday, January 10, 2008

Edward Nolan

Here's an animator that seems to have no history beyond his work at the Fleischer Studio. I have posted frame grabs from all the Popeye cartoons that I've been able to ID with Nolan's animation. He worked primarily in Myron Waldman's crew during his time at the Fleischers except for a period starting sometime in 1935 and ending sometime in 1936 when he worked for Willard Bowsky's crew. As tight as the Bowsky crew was in terms of drawing, Nolan's Popeye sticks out as being slightly different - most notably in the way Popeye's hat sits on his head and the wider than normal bell bottom pants.

After 1937 there are no other credits that I can find for Ed Nolan. I wonder if he left the business. (And no - I don't know if he was related to Bill Nolan)

Can You Take It? - 1934

I Ski Love Ski You Ski - 1936

Let's Get Movin' - 1936

Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor - 1936

Nolan cover for Fleischer's Animated News
(click on image to enlarge)


Thad said...

Interesting. Nolan seems to like to tilt his characters at weird angles.

J Lee said...

I kind of suspect the repeated task of animating Pudgy stories for Waldman's Boop cartoons may have been what drove Nolan into the comforting and more mentally challenging arms of the Bowsky unit. ;)

Michael Sporn said...

Interesting that the pants do flair more. Nice catch. None of these characters has much of sense of balance, either. Perhaps these are the frames you chose; I'll have to take a look at these scenes.