Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ben Solomon Follow-up

Important news flash - Ben Solomon's daughter Lois left a message yesterday with some additional information about her father. Check out her comments in the Ben Solomon part 2 post. Thanks Lois!! - and if you're reading this, we would love to know more about your father and his work.

Following an idea of fellow blogger and animation aficionado Thad K., I've put together some clips of Ben Solomon's animation. They're from (in order) 'We're on Our Way to Rio' (2 clips), 'Movin' Aweigh', 'She Sick Sailors', 'Service with a Guile', and 'Shape Ahoy'. Unfortunately some of the video source materials are from old TV recordings and of poor quality. Now is a good time to start praying for Popeye Vol.4 to happen otherwise we may never see great prints of these cartoons. All of the clips are from cartoons with Jim Tyer as the de facto director.


Thad said...

Wow, he did some great animation on "We're On Our Way to Rio"! That end shot from "Shape Ahoy" is still my favorite of his.

Duck Dodgers said...

Great work!
Hey, shouldn't these cartoons be on Volume 4 (After the end of the b/w shorts with volume 3) instead than 5?

Bob Jaques said...

You're right!! - the number has been corrected on the post. Better 4 than 5.