Sunday, January 11, 2009

Abner Kneitel Drawing

It's extremely rare to see a signed and personalized Popeye drawing done by a Fleischer animator - especially a great one like Abner. Blog reader Paul Narcisse is the lucky owner of one such drawing and gave me the story behind it:

'I was wondering if you could help me with more information about Abner (Kneitel) since I have a sketch from him. My Grandfather was a doctor and Abner was a patient of his. I have a pencil sketch of Popeye signed by Abner dated 12/3/1935, with a personal thank you written on the 8x10 picture.'

I am glad that I saved it from my aunts who wanted to sell it, the monetary value could not replace the sentimental value.'

Click on image to enlarge

Thanks to Paul Narcisse for the photos and allowing me to post his drawing.

More on Abner soon.


Larry Levine said...

Awesome drawing!!!

The yellowing edge on the mat indicates it's not acid-free. I strongly recommend re-framing the drawing with archival matting, archival acetate corners (rather than tape) & UV glass. This will greatly help preserve this priceless treasure.

p spector said...

That is some terrific early Popeye drawing. And so clean! A total treasure. Thanks!

Shawn Dickinson said...

Wow! That's really quite a find! Paul is lucky to own something that great! wow!!!

Whit said...

This thing is rarer than hens' teeth.