Saturday, July 31, 2010

More Animator Buddies

Front row, left to right: Dick Hall, Edwin Rehberg, unknown, Larry Silverman. Back row, left to right: Otto Feuer, Morey Zukor, Reuben Timmins, Ralph Somerville, George Weiss, Jack Ozark, and Ben Shenkman.

This photo was taken at the side of Filmation's Sherman Way and Lindley Avenue main studio in Reseda. The building stands today, housing medical offices. All the artists, to my knowledge, worked at one time at for the Fleischer or Famous Studios. (some both)

Thanks to Tim Walker and Tom Minton for help with the IDs.


Mark Mayerson said...

Filmation was a sad ending to those careers, as was H-B for many other animation veterans.

Mr. Cro said...

Thanks for this photo.
Bob, what was the last scene that Jack Ozark animated in Popeye cartoons? The Martian marry-go-round in Rocket To Mars?

Bob Jaques said...

I'm not sure of any other Famous Popeye cartoons with Jack's animation. He was at Famous until at least 1951 so there is a possibility he did more. Johnny Gent told me that he would throw bits of animation to Jack every so often so it's most likely that it would be part of a Gent scene. I've yet to find others. I would never have guessed that Jack animated the Martian merry-go-round had Johnny not told me - it was so skillfully done and looks like Johnny's animation.

Dave Mackey said...

Dick Hall did receive sporadic screen credit while with Fleischer under the name Dick Marion.