Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Johnny Gent at NYIT - 1989

Back row, left to right - Dante Barbetta (former Famous Studio animator) Johnny Gent, Mike Kaweski
Front Row, left to right - Howard Speileman (production manager), Joan LaPallo (Johnny's assistant)

Photo courtesy of Mike Kaweski. According to Mike, Johnny's work at NYIT in '89 was his last studio gig.

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Anonymous said...

It's always a joy whenever these rare photos pop up. It makes me wonder what might have happened to these guys and what they might be doing these days.

Speaking of which, how's it going for yourself, Bob?

From an aspiring animator/cartoonist

Bob Jaques said...

I'm doing great Bruce - thanks for asking. Are you back at Cap??

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob. Just curious, did you ever meet Johnny Gent or any of these other great animators in person? I love seeing these type of animation artifacts. They're very insightful.

Bob Jaques said...

Hey Robert - I met with Johnny a couple of times. I also met Al Eugster, Dave Tendlar, Myron Waldman from Fleischer and Famous.