Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dave Tendlar - Day 2

Today we have a gag cartoon with Dave Tendlar from a 1935 issue of Fleischer's Animated News. You can see a caricature of Dave at the bottom of the page. The clip is of two scenes of his animation from The Dance Contest. (released in 1934)

After you finish here go directly to fellow cartoon aficionado and shut-in Uncle John's site to see what he has to say about Tendlar's classic 'Play Safe.'


Dave Mackey said...

The gag cartoon was drawn by Hal Seeger, whom Tendlar later worked for on Batfink at the tail end of his involvement in New York animation. On the few episodes of Batfink he did, Dave was always credited alongside other animators so I'm wondering if the Fleischer-style "de facto director" applied there.

That was about the time he moved to California and started working for Filmation and other Hollywood studios.

Keep it coming!

J Lee said...

The little bit in Popeye-Bluto dance scene where you actually see Bluto smiling before he gets waylayed through t he columns is one of the first pieces of 'playful' animation in the Popeye series -- before then you had some funny stuff, but the characters pretty much stayed 'on message' about how they were supposed to be feeling. That little bit is funny because it fits the music, but goes totally against the Popeye-Bluto rivalry (which fits Avery's credo over at Warners to give the audience what the least expect to see).

Great work, and more of this would show up over the next few years, especially after Jack Mercer took over the voice work and lightened up Popeye's personality (Costello's mumblings either just comment about what's going on on-screen or aqre brags about how great his character is. Not much to be 'playful' with there compared to what Jack would give the animators).