Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dave Tendlar - Day 3

Like many of his colleagues, Dave Tendlar moonlighted in his off hours drawing comics books - among them, print versions of the of Famous Studio cartoons Baby Huey and Herman and Katnip. He also had a regular spot in Jingle Jangle Comics drawing Chauncey Chirp and Johnny Jay and other one page features like the following -

Click on image to enlarge

This drawing of Cousin George looks like a skewed version of Baby Huey. (taken from a Chauncey Chirp and Johnny Jay story)

Today's clip of Dave's animation is from 'We Aim to Please' (released in 1934)


J.V. (AKA "White Pongo") said...

Cousin George and Susie Spring? How could I forget!

Mr. Cro said...

Here's a Herman and Katnip comic strip:[file%3aimages%2finetpub%2fnewnames%2f300%2f2%2f3%2f2%2f9%2f2329710.jpg]%2ccontinueonerror[true]&scale=size[220x350]%2coptions[limit]&source=url[file%3aimages%2finetpub%2fwebuse%2fno_image_available.gif]%2cif[%28%27global.source.error%27%29]&sink=preservemd[true]
I also did a a search on CartoonBrew, here are the results: