Friday, June 25, 2010

Dave Tendlar - Day 5

To wrap up Dave Tendlar week I have some examples of his drawing style - a model from 'I Wanna be a Lifeguard' (released in 1936) and a gag drawing from Fleischer Animated News. I plan to breakdown the particulars of Dave's drawing that helped me ID his style and will post those next week. In the meantime see if you can spot them by analyzing the drawings and animation clips.

Today's clip is some of Dave's animation from the first Popeye cartoon that he de facto directed, 'Choose Your Weppins'. (released in 1935)

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The picture came from an ebay image so it's not the best quality.

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Thad said...

I just spent a lot of time with this one in particular. Who animated Popeye cutting the knife in half with the guy's hair?

Greg Ford does a great commentary on it. I was waiting for those Tendlar audio clips to come along during it, but alas, they didn't.

Mr. Cro said...

It's interesting that he got his own unit in 1935, but the first cartoons he de facto directed were relased in 1933, like "Betty Boop's May Party":
Henning with Tendlar? Weird.

Bob Jaques said...

Tendlar actually got his own crew in 1934 - my guess is at the end of October, beginning of November. You have to account for production time. The cartoons are noted by release date and not start date.

Thad - the scene previous to that one looks like it was animated by Germanetti so the knife and hair scene may have been done by him.

Anonymous said...

I got to say Bob, you are very lucky to have such a rare model sheet.

Personally, I would pay top dollar for a Fleischer/ Famous Studios Tribute book, something that is along the lines of Leslie Cabarga's The Fleishcer Story. I remember having a first edition copy of that book. That is, before I accidently dropped it when crossing the Lions Gate Bridge...

Oh, and thanks again for the APC storyboard & Rippin' Friends model pack.

Hope you have a good summer.

From an aspiring animator/ cartoonist.